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Melhor app!!

Voll Informiert

Klasse App alle Ergebnisse der NHL und Bundesliga .

A must have app

A great app 2 have


user-friendly apps!

I like it

Its pretty good

Bad customer experience

When I click on an article on a website, don’t force open the app. That’s incredibly annoying.

Constantly crashes

I have an IPhone X, so it’s not my phone. WiFi is very strong, but this happens when I’m out of the house as well. I can only look at the app for about 8 seconds before it crashes. Slow response time to everything when it doesn’t crash.

I’m reviewing like you asked.

Stop asking me to review the app.

Can’t customize team notifications

There is no way to customize alerts for my favorite teams. I used to be able to control what information I got from what team but now I just get all notifications from all my favorites. Why would you remove that feature!!?!? Ready to delete this app

App is almost unusable

the new update where you can’t be on wifi makes the games stream in a quality that is almost unwatchable

New update crashing

I just upgraded to iso 12 , and I have a 7s iPhone and this app crashes some times 5 sec, others right after I start a pod cast. Is anyone else having this issues. I should have never upgraded. Joe


Every time i open the app 4 seconds later it kicks me out !

Purchase in Apple Store

Why does a subscription purchase in the Apple Store require a TV provider in the app? Isn’t that double billing?

Cuts off

App stops working and sends me back to my home page and yes I have installed new update

Seriously, can this app get any slower?

Love the content, but hate having to wait for it.


Complete scam. They say it’s a free trial subscription but they don’t tell you there is a charge for the App and the subscription.


3 stars because I signed up for notifications expecting sports news. Instead ESPN abuses these notifications, informing me only when something noteworthy is happening on their air. I literally just received a notification telling me that their new 30 for 30 was streaming. Not. For. Ad’s.

Notifications are annoying

The notifications repeatedly turn back on after you turn them off. I understand missing a setting when I’m first using an app but I have had to turn off the same notifications multiple times. Once should be enough.

Doesn’t open notifications

I like seeing the notifications for my teams but when I click on them to open it in the app to read further the app just shows up blank.


This version of the app freezes up every time you read one article - and then closing and opening the app again is necessary if you want to read anything else.


Terribly biased sports news network. Should be shut down.

Alerts that I don’t want

I am getting alerted on every favorite team I have for every score done. I have it listed to only tell me the final score and I’m getting every touchdown, field goal and hockey goal. It ruins the game I’m watching because I get the alert before it happens on the tv. This needs fixed ASAP

App always says “error has occurred”

I patiently wait for every update and yet STILL I get this error. This is been like this for the past 6 months! Yes I have deleted and re downloaded the app. All the updates both the app and my device and still NOTHING! Only good thing I get my alerts for scores and news but I can’t see anything on the app itself.

Terrible Optimization/ Slow

This app is extremely slow and useless. Go download TheScore app if you want a smooth and reliable experience.

App problems

It keeps crashing like 1 minute after opening the app

Could be better

I really like this app because it makes up to date scores so I can easily see what my favorite teams scores are, however, it does not mean that it is that easy to find teams that are not on your favorites list because if you try to click on a team And a new page doesn’t load, sometimes you’ll think you didn’t click it, but you DID and it loads a ton of pages and crashes immediately. Apart from that, this is a really good app!

Video does not play

New update to app does not allow my subscription with google fiber to authenticate. Continually get a “need to reauthenticate” error. Have signed out, uninstalled app, does not fix the problem.

Still dislike and getting worse

Really didn't like it with new design, still don't after first update. Want old version back. Sept 18 update crashes my iPad every time I try to use, so app has gone from bad to unusable.

Used to be my go to

Up until recently, I used this app as my source for scores, news, stats, etc. Although it was not without its faults, it still provided me the information I desired. Recently you began adding news articles that allowed you to read the first couple of paragraphs, but insisted that if you wanted to read the remainder of the article you’d have to sign up for “espn +” which unless you’re willing to cough up 4.99 a month, you’re out of luck if you’d like to read the remainder of the article. With that said, unless you install an option in settings that allows you to remove the stories not included in the free version your app will remain uninstalled on my devices. It’s frustrating to get sucked into an article that you can’t finish. I’d rather not see the article in the first place. Good luck.

App Keeps Crashing

As of today (9/18/18), the app opens, but then crashes within a few seconds. It has been crashing for over a week. This is my favorite app and I’d love an update to fix this! The previous update did not solve the problem.

Garbage service

I subscribed to the service, could not watch a single thing on the app, asked for a refund and they denied it per their subscriber apparently I subscribed to watch nothing.

It’s okayish

It’s good for the price but the teams that I want to watch are sometimes unavailable. For example, UC Davis football team, UEFA champions league, and other games aren’t available. Please add more live games.

Over promise under delivered

First impression was it was SSSSSLLLLLOOOOOOOOLWWWWWW. That was until it crashed my iPad every freaking time. ESPN = cheap cheap cheap crap. That also applies to their on air staff. Get Up! what an abortion.


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Video Player Support

Needs to be updated to support the IPhone X. Has been over a year and still have to watch on half of the screen. Update: New version is force closing every time I open app.

Apple Watch App 2 weeks behind

I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app but on the watch the scores are never current and 2 weeks behind. Don’t know how to fix it.

Crashing App

Worthless - unless you enjoy watching it crash.

Will not load

Use to be my go to app for sports

MNF stream was terrible-Apple TV

Could not watch the game it was so bad.

Can’t use my iPad HDMI adapter

I bought an iPad HDMI adapter to display content from my iPad to the tv. Normally works perfectly but today I updated my iPad software to iOS 12 and now I can not watch any shows or live tv from the espn app. It does show on my tv screen but if you try to select a title such as a first take episode or a baseball game it is unresponsive. If you take it off the adapter, choose a title, it plays but as soon as you plug the adapter back to the iPad the picture goes back to the home page and turns off what was playing. Please fix this. I bought a legit HDMI adapter.

One of 4 bright spots for the worldwide leader

This App is one of only 4 things that keeps ESPN relevant

App crashes after 5-10 seconds since the sep 13 update

App was phenomenal prior to the Sep 13 2018 release. Since this time the app crashes after 5-10 seconds being open. The Sep 17, 2018 did not fix the issue.

Can’t watch Live ESPN???

So with this subscription I’m only allowed to stream non major broadcasts and old videos? I can’t stream and watch whatever is actually on ESPN??? What’s the point then?

bad info

The app never stated in the description that you had to have a cable provider. Create an app for ESPN without a provider and I will get it but I do not like cable and I will never have cable therefore I will never have ESPN app!!!!!!

App shuts down

In the past three days, the app won’t stay open. It loads, stays open for 10 seconds, then shuts down.

Needs updating

Every time I open the app within 30 seconds it shuts down and make me do it all over again.

Get ready for some

Football NFL ESPN is the best thing ever I can watch my games without even being at home I get highlights updates and more no just for the NFL but also the NBA UFC thanks for everything g


Lit ha shall the things I need for a day


Loved using this app until it started to crash. Most times you have six seconds to get in the app then it crashes and restarts.

Good, but ...

I like many of the improvements, but the format is changing too often. Users do not want to learn to use a new app this often. The new iPad version crashes constantly.

Apple Watch

I have no clue why but espn stories no longer appear on my Apple Watch. I used to be able to see the article previews up until two weeks ago!

Isn’t working for me iMessage.

This app is working ok but the problem I’m having with is that the app isn’t working in iMessage it keeps telling me “unable to load ESPN”.


Have been a fan of this app in the past but the last few versions have been very disappointing to say the least. Most recent version, released around two weeks ago, crashes consistently after minimal usage especially if you try to bounce from news to scores, etc. has almost become unusable.

Thumbs down to ESPN+

I really enjoy (or have enjoyed) using the ESPN app to get daily news updates on my team. Last year, all articles were free. Now I have to pay for certain ones. Lame. It’s not like you’re losing any money with all the ads. Come on!

Good sports app

Nick Saban has ligma.

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