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Melhor app!!

Voll Informiert

Klasse App alle Ergebnisse der NHL und Bundesliga .

A must have app

A great app 2 have


user-friendly apps!

I like it

Its pretty good

Broken App

This app has been completely broken for weeks, have reinstalled multiple times and while I still get notifications, nothing in the app opens up, just a blank white screen until I force close the app.


For a multi-billion dollar company their app isn’t worth the memory on my phone. I am deleting it. Consistently crashing. When it does open it’s super slow. Get your act together ESPN. This is pathetic

Recent updates ruined this app

App takes forever to open now and is sooo slow and laggy.

Useless for scores & news

The only reason to keep this app on your phone is for watching games on the go. Get something else for checking scores & reading news. Takes forever to load, crashes regularly, cuts off articles and never loads past first couple of paragraphs, news and highlight clips cluttered together, etc.

Worst app ever

Freezes every time you open a notification. One star is generous.

10 minutes to find a score.

When I open the app it usually crashes 2 or 3 times before I can get anywhere. Then when it doesn’t crash the home screen never loads (it has never loaded once in the years I’ve had the app). I can then tap on sports to go find scores and the loading for that takes so long I would be better off googling it or asking Alexa. I love Espn, but I’m confused why they would let there main app be so terrible for so long without doing anything about it.

Please fix your app

The ESPN app has been horrible for the past month. It’s so slow and I basically can’t even open anything. Completely useless.

Super Slow!

After an update maybe a month ago, the app has become so slow and unresponsive its just ridiculous! Please fixxx (Iphone SE)

Wish I can open it.

This app is terrible I can’t even open the app with out it crashing or waiting like 5 mins for it to load then crash. Could be really good if I could just get in the app with it crashing or these crazy load times.

Sports app or coupon book?

So many freaking ADS! Every single vid my god. And most of them spin and don't load the video smoothly afterward. Yes my service is strong. Espn is slowly crumbling. They need those ad contracts even though it's not sustainable long term. I get it. But I hate it.

Doesn’t show my favorites

I favorited the Europa League to watch Arsenal, and I don’t see them on my homepage, but I see the NBA and NCAA; neither of which I favorited.

Very Annoying Issue

99% of that app is fine, but for some reason, every time a headline appears on my screen (as a notification) and i swipe it to see the story, the ESPN app opens but does not take me to the story or video. It never works and i’m left dangling wanting to see a video or story that ESPN dangled in front of my face and then stole away from me. Should be a simple fix but has not been fixed in the years i’ve had the app. I will still use but come on ESPN, such a simple fix....

Leader in sports?

Slowest app I own. It is constantly crashing. 15-20 seconds just to open if it opens at all. For the leader in sports it is a slow, glitchy app.

Too many ads, stories not informative

Why can’t I watch a 20 second highlight without watching a 30 second ad? There isn’t breaking news in sports every day. So please stop writing articles every day that claim everything is.

The worst

What idiot is in charge of this. Just missed the first set of of women’s quarters because as usual. YOUR EVENT IS ABOUT TO BEGIN. BUT THEY WILL SHOW TWO OF THE SAME MATCHES OF THE MEN. IDIOTS! Loved the ending of the Halep match. What happened, I’ll never know. Thanks ESPN.


Not really useful to me anymore cuz app requires an account to adjust any team/sport preferences now. Don’t wanna bother. Moved to TheScore app, works great with no need to add another account to my already lengthy list.

Dying Star

I’ve had this app for years and it used to be my favorite but something has changed and the app is terrible. Ridiculously slow, if it even opens, and crashes pretty regularly. I haven’t been able to bring myself to delete it but now it mostly sits there unused and I open it now and then to see if ESPN has fixed it only to be disappointed yet again.


Used to be great. Auto vids became annoying. Now theres a 10 sec plus lag to load. Yahoo or CBS here I come


I’ve had the ESPN app forever. But the latest updates have made it virtually unusable on the iPhone 6. I know Apple wants me to upgrade but didn’t realize ESPN did as well. This app which was great is now hit garbage. Crashes, fails to load, etc. Whether I’m on WiFi or LTE it’s just a train wreck. 30 seconds to load when I start the app (if it doesn’t crash). I’ll be getting my sports information somewhere else until this is fixed.

Spectrum is no longer supported?

This is more a question. Spectrum TV is no longer supported on the mobile app (for iPhones) Let me know if anyone else is having that problem?


El mejor ESPN

Could use improvements

Overall the app is alright for updates on the major American sports, but as far as sports around the world, not so much.The app has declined a bit over the past year or so. They’ve lost coverage and game casts they used to have for secondary soccer leagues. I’m hoping there’s an update coming soon because the app won’t open at all right now on my iPhone.

This app stinks out loud

So buggy and slow. Crashes all the time. Get it together espn

Video freezes

Even when I am signed in with my TV provider, video will freeze even though the live sound is present.

Why doesn’t ESPN care?

10 years and this is my first review EVER!! Like many of the reviews before me, I love ESPN TV and radio, but this app is a dumpster fire! It has gotten progressively worse after every update. It takes forever for content to load. Many times I’ve tapped an article to read and the headline and first paragraph are there and the rest of the story content isn’t there. Closing the app and trying again does not solve the issue. I tried their online tech support to inform them of the issues with their app versus immediately giving them a poor review. Complete waste of time. The person was worthless!! Their only suggestion was to uninstall and reinstall the app. I had already done that. It seems to me that ESPN just doesn’t care about fixing or improving their app. This is how you lose revenue. I’ve already downloaded two other sports apps that are far superior and will most likely use them as my go to sports apps in the future.


Ridiculously slow. Can’t use it because of slow it is

App won’t open after latest update

I still get push notifications, but The app won’t open for me after this latest update. Pretty useless....

Terrible app

Every important time in sports i get The whoops something went wrong notification. 👎🏽 Literally the worst app I have.

Poor functionality

This app is horrible. Whenever I get a notification of interest, i click it, the app opens, and it just brings me to the app home screen. Is there no way to make it so when you open a notification it takes you to that specific story? The functionality of this app is just flat out terrible.


Absolute trash. iPhone X, connected to 70+ mbps WiFi, freezes for 10+ seconds every single time I open it. This is seriously the worst app on my phone, such a shame.

Latest update is terrible

The app has become really slow and crashes a lot when I open it. Very frustrating. Please get this fixed.


This app does work in any of the ways advertised. No need to install.

Can’t read news.

I can see headlines and when I click to read full articles just a blank page shows. Please fix.

Waaaaaaaay too political

I can handle the occasional leftist slant, but it’s getting out of hand on this app. I will be deleting it.


App crashes constantly on my phone. It never used to do this but since most recent update the app is almost useless. Need an update to fix this or I will be looking for a new app soon

Poor quality

Everything is there for this app to be great, but yet it is not. It is slow and often doesn’t even work properly. Clicking on notifications from the app bring you to the app and not the article that you clicked on the notification for. Then I search for the article and can’t even find it over 80% of the time. I highly recommend the barstool sports app instead.


Hi espn wheres lacrosse the season is back lacrosse is my second favorite sport can you update your app so it has lacrosse


I love using this app for all my sports and news updates. I primarily use the listen tab for all the podcasts while I’m working but I can’t always pick up my phone to change the podcast because I am a loader for UPS and I need to be constantly working. Might I suggest adding a play next button so I can add four or five podcasts to my queue instead of the podcasts going back in time and replaying the ones I’ve already listened too. Other then that, great app!

Consistently poor loading speed

This app has had a few updates lately, the last update fixed the loading speed, now after this update we are back to slow loading. Fix the speed, it is so slow I get frustrated and close the app. Update: once again after the most recent update, the app is unresponsive, and/or super slow to respond to any commands. Videos don’t load or load very slow. At this point in March 2018, the app is unusable. I suggest downloading mlb,nfl,nhl, nba apps separately. It will be faster and less grief.

Constant closing since last updates

Never had problems with this app until the past two weeks. Minute long loading times, constant crashing when just trying to navigate the app, etc. Very disappointing changes, as I used to rely on this app to get me through the mornings and now I can’t get through an hour of podcast without having to constantly toil with it.just go back to the way it was—simple and easy!! If I wanted a hundred videos to load when I open the app, I would definitely prefer to select that in myself in preferences. Just causes immense drag and lag.

Slowest App I own!

Everything ccpugh96 said. Slowest app I have. I rarely use it anymore because it takes so long to load. It’s been this way for several weeks now. I’m looking for competitor apps and as soon as I find the right one...Bleacher? CBS? Yahoo? Whatever...I’ll be deleting the ESPN unless the fix it. I’ll have the same problem on two different phones on two different networks (also have a dedicated work phone) as well as my GF’s phone. The app is now virtually useless.

Very poor app

This app is awful. This is what happens most of the time I get a highlight notification: LeBron has a dominating finish to tonight’s game, so I get a notification and I click on it to go watch it. It takes forever to load, and then once it does, it will be only audio most of the time. The video is nowhere in sight, you’re just on the home page, but you can’t get rid of the audio. The only way to stop this is to navigate to another highlight and hit play or restart the app. To make matters worse, if I actually had the ESPN app open before clicking the notification, and say I was in a box score of a game, the notification I clicked on won’t load sometimes. So now you have to go manually find it on the site. Now maybe that’s not a huge deal to you, but it’s definitely not convenient. Since that’s what apps are supposed to be, and this one misses the mark so badly, I can not honestly give it any higher of a rating.

Doo doo

Crashes constantly, slow gamecast, and just overall the most doo doo app for sports fans out there. Step it up.

Bad News

This app used to be great. Something had changed in the last six months and I try not to open this app unless necessary. I am not exaggerating when I say it can take 2 minutes for this app to load. ESPN cutting corners and it shows.

Like everyone else I love ESPN but hate this app

It crashes super easily. They’ll send me a notification and then the video won’t work. Always disappointed.

Slow and clunky

Far and away the slowest app on my iPhone - including other apps that have similar amounts of video content.


I respect ESPN and everything they have to offer but this app is garbage. It takes forever to start up and freezes when it does. Also it randomly quits the application and it is terrible. I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone, save your time and go with something else.

So slow!!!

Come on ESPN! The go to for sports news and it takes forever! The latest version is so slow that I was forced to download CBS sports app.


Mark Schlabach is a coward and a piece of scum and this network is unreliable and pretty much a gossip site now


Content is good, but app is so slow and buggy that it is nearly unusable. It gets continually worse. It is clearly no longer well supported.

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