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Melhor app!!

Voll Informiert

Klasse App alle Ergebnisse der NHL und Bundesliga .

A must have app

A great app 2 have


user-friendly apps!

I like it

Its pretty good

Made it worse

Can’t even see my newsfeed of teams I follow. What’s the point then? The app just shows bunch of scores now. I don’t need this app for that, I want my articles to be easily accessible and this app hides that

Blows Bleacher Report away

So much better then bleacher report. Don’t know why I even had it on my phone so long. Not even close. Enough said.

This app is great

I love the app it loads fast and lets me keep up to date on all sports updates! Would rate 10 if I could! Very happy 😁

Worse than it should be

They advertise their app so much to the point where i cant watch world cup highlights on it is horrendous. All the videos are just espn analysts jabbering about the game, with no highlights or stats. It used to be an easy way to stream highlights, but it is now just a self promotion stint for espn shows.

You don’t need my location. Horrible UX.

I wanted to watch the 30 for 30 on Bo Jackson and I was willing to pay ESPN for the privilege. The entire process of signing up was a confusing nightmare. The search in app makes no sense, after signing up for the plus subscription it’s not clear how to find the actual videos. Search doesn’t work. The whole thing is a mess. I finally found the video and I have to turn on location services to watch a video? No way. Cancelled trial and won’t be coming back. Rethink what you are doing, this is amateur hour garbage.

ESPN Friday night

Announcer said the Brewers won the first game of the two game series actually they won Thursday and Friday and they play Saturday and Sunday


I’m so sick of the SEC slant of ESPN, can’t find college news stories about any team not in the SEC.




How do I cancel my subscription? I seriously have NEVER viewed anything on this app yet I’m being charged monthly for this P. O. S. app. I wasn’t allowed access to the only event I wanted to watch that was supposedly streaming on the ESPN+ and now it’s turned into a unwanted cost. ESPN should be ashamed!

Poor Score Section

The scores section doesn’t open up. You have to use the search icon to find what you’re looking for.

The most aggravating app i own.

If you want to get an app and wait 20 minutes for anything to load download the ESPN app!


The app takes forever to load i# often unresponsive and crashes.

Worst app I use

I never leave reviews but I feel compelled to review this app. I watch all of my tv through iOS apps & this is the most frustrating app to use. Streaming quality is horrendous, resource errors are common when trying to stream a show (has nothing to do with my service provider), & at times does not allow you to re-authenticate with your service provider. It’s a chore to use this app, which is really too bad because I love espn but do not have access to the channel via traditional cable.


About one third of the time I want to open up an article through the app it freezes and then crashes. And when it doesn’t freeze and crash it would open a completely different article and then crash.

Espn 3 was way better

This new app is poorly designed. Espn+ cost money but finding a replay of yesterday’s cfl game can be hard. Worse it can’t seem to remember I’m a subscriber and goes into free 7 day mode or some sorta 5 minute preview. Very irritating. If it’s not fixed by college football time I’ll drop it all together just a mix of stupid episodes and soccer now. One good thing is the expanded rugby but again finding the replays of something happening at 2 am is nearly impossible. Bring back espn3 and charge me I’ll pay cause it worked.

Not worth the 4.99

Just trow my first and last 4.99 for this useless app

Runs while not in use

I like the app but it runs non stop and drains my battery the apple store said it is The storages thing they have ever seen so I have to delete it and re download it if I want to listen to the morning show please fix it runs 20-30 percent of my battery when not in use and it does not allow to be cut off


21 June 2018: They seem to have changed it cuz I just checked back today and was able to adjust my favorites and change my notification settings without having to sign up for an account so I turned the notifications back on. Will be using the app again. Only complaint is I keep getting NBA news and I could not care less about basketball. Even with it not marked and nothing favorited in the NBA stuff. So when that’s fixed, five stars from me. 14 March 2018: Not really useful to me anymore cuz app requires an account to adjust any team/sport preferences now. Don’t wanna bother. Moved to TheScore app, works great with no need to add another account to my already lengthy list.

Mobile site way better

I like the design of the app and for notifications but mobile ESPN site way faster, smoother and media player is good. Get it together dev.

What a joke

Terrible. With the new update everything takes 5+ seconds do load if it is even able to load. I often need to try to reload things multiple times in order to get it to work. You expect better out of the so called “worldwide leader in sports.” Even after additional updates they don’t seem to fix the issues. I wonder if they even care. (Btw it is not my phone connection. I have tested it out multiple times and everything else works fine) Bleacher report app so much better I don’t even know why I bother with this app anymore. Big disappointment.


It honestly keeps you up to date and makes sure you know what you’re talking about when it comes to sports


Tried the seven day free trial. Canceled in two days. They billed me for a renewal a month after and there is no way to dispute it. Lying advertisement

ESPN+ videos don't play on iphone

Great app for scores and schedules. Free video content is good too. My only complaint is that I can't get ESPN+ content to play on my iPhone. Free content plays fine and + content works on my iPad.

Apple Watch

I’d love to see more than just my favs on the watch.

Ncaa baseball

This app does not let you set favorites/notifications for NCAA baseball. If you want any ncaa baseball updates you have to receive updates for the whole league. They have the scores at least for the CWS games so i dont understand why you cant get notifications about your team. Good for other sports though!


It keeps saying I don’t have a subscription but I do. I’ve uninstalled reinstalled logged out and in updated my sling account restarted my iPad I’ve tried it all. Paid for this just to watch a baseball game. Terrible. This happened last week as well...took 3 days to get a reply from support. It doesn’t work.

So far so good

I download this app to follow the different shows about the FIFA World Cup and so far so good ... most of the time works even better than my tv provider streaming app.

Espn App

Well I just don’t understand. This is the slowest app on my phone. All other apps respond very quickly, but the espn app has at least an 8 second delay. What gives......Please fix it.

Horribly slow

I'm always having problems with this app. Every day is a different issue with podcasts or just checking scores. You think ESPN would employ a reasonable team manage this slow laggy app.

Whoops something went wrong.

That’s really what the app should be called if I open this just wanting to get scores 9/10 I get “whoops something went wrong”. Worst app ever - easier just to google scores

I agree this app is now awful

Almost every time I open the ESPN app I get an error message telling me something went wrong but it doesn’t say what went wrong. It won’t load at all. Even with the most recent update I continue to get this error message constantly.

Difficult to find scores

It’s annoying that you can’t scroll through the app to see scores from all games. If the game isn’t a headline game than you have to click through a bunch of links to get the score

Great... When it works

The ESPN app probably crashes more than any other app I possess. It makes it hard to follow your team or watch the network when it always shuts down within seconds of opening the app.

Awkward and Bias

My biggest complaint by far is the apps underdevelopment of customization and preferences of user favorites. It seems the app has incredibly bias towards American sports over anything else. Case in point, coverage for the 2018 World Cup, is limited despite all my preferences and favorites being heavily soccer-specific. Is this because the USMNT isn't in the tournament? Does this mean the app has to suffer? However, during the NFL season for example, NFL league news, highlights and alert stream so frequently you'd wish you could scale back all the notifications. For soccer related news and highlights a user needs to cycle through several tabs and pages just to find info. Which is my second complaint. The UX applications are terrible. Too many tabs, too much swiping.

Used to be better

Ever since the latest update the app has been super slow and I don’t like the new tabs set up and configuration.

No videos

I love espn and the coverage that they do.....but this app is not up to par with all there other things, like there tv channels etc. it is a hard to use app. About 5 months ago they changed the interface and now all it is is confusing. And the biggest point is if I wanna watch a highlight of a game or a video of then talking about power rankings for any video at all it crashes. I am on the latest version of the app and I am on the latest version for iOS and it is starting to really piss me off.

I ❤️ streaming video. This app hates me.

Trying to stream a 30 for 30 and I hate my experience. Video keeps pausing and loading and loses audio. I was excited to curl up on the couch and enjoy a documentary, but now I’m fighting back tears of rage. I have never had problems streaming video on other apps that I’ve enjoyed. Netflix, hbo, Hulu, etc. all of them deliver seamless, relaxing entertainment. The ESPN app delivers a pile of garbage into my living room and asks me what I’m gonna do with it. It’s so bad. It’s on a level where one is left wondering if this is all a joke. Like the developers aren’t just incompetent (that would result in a higher functioning technology), but that they are sadistic maniacs who want me to suffer while they laugh at my misfortune. The ESPN app is trash.

ESPN app blows!

I paid for ESPN+ so that I could watch more MLS games. This app consistently fails to stream content. Select an event and it just sits there. Finally called tech support - there solution is to delete and then reload the app. And then you have to reactivate the ESPN+ subscription and renter credentials. I have to do this every time I want to stream a game. Never had this problem with MLS Live and their streaming app. Netflix and Hulu work just fine. This problem is centered on the ESPN app. Serious fail!

NCAA baseball alerts

Really wish they would add ncaa baseball alerts.

What happened?

I used to love this app. Not sure what happened but the app is incredibly slow even while connected to WIFI. When you read a story and try to go back to the main screen it crashes or takes forever. Why, why, why? It did not do this months ago, something went wrong on an update. Developers, do your job and FIX this!

Constant errors

It doesn’t really serve it’s purpose, but if you think opening an app to see “An error occurred, please try again” repeated again and again is a fun game, then you are in for a treat. Works about a third of the time.

Not a fan of new app

I few months back, I'd open the old app daily; however, since the update, I find it more difficult to find what I'm looking for so I've stopped using it as my main sports app. I still like ESPN coverage, but I use this app as a last resort. Hopefully, the change the UI to make it useable again.

Subscription cancellation

I don’t like this APP, how I can cancel this subscription?


App is falling apart just as quickly as the network, scores don’t update quick enough, often backtrack and is useless

Jack Dijiacomo

This is the best app I ever used

Great reporting

I enjoy all your writers and coverage of the sports I enjoy keep up the good work

Absolute mess

Chrome now forces me to read ESPN articles in the ESPN app, but it just brings me to a home page. Trying to search for ESPN+ programs is impossible. Even when you have the exact title, it returns that no programs can be found. I’ve even typed in a program from the main video page just to test it. And I’m *paying* for this service?

Hot garbage

Love ESPN. Wish there was a better more comprehensive app. This one blows.


ESPN is so useful, and is such a great app. ESPN+ is amazing on the go and is fairly cheap for what it brings to the table.

Great app but there are areas in need of improvement or fixing

This app has been my "go-to" every time I need to check on my favorite teams and anything that's related to sports. The problem is that when I "click" on a story, a different article pops up. I have to use the "up" and "down" arrows to search for the article that I wanted to read. The overall design is nice too but I wish it was more streamlined and easier to navigate through.

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