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Its great!

Its already great. I would like to add one thing. I would like to be able to customize any tournament of any sport under my favorites.

Good, just not Great

To be the "leader in sports", you have to actually be the leader is sports... whether it be sports broadcasting, news, apps, etc... When ESPN combined WatchESPN with their original ESPN app, it made things very convenient. The flaws of this app are the abilities to navigate easily from team to team. While in favorites, its too hard to see simple information- like whether the games are home or away, the start of the game, the betting lines in real time etc... there should be basic information posted on anywhere you see your favorite team(s). Additionally, it would be very nice if you could "watch" multiple games at once... if alerts are set for certain teams and/or games, the app should allow the user to set up GameCast on maybe up to 4 teams that are playing simultaneously... While looking into Standings, no matter if it is baseball, NCAA football, NFL, NCAA basketball, and so on, the Standings page takes too many steps to get to and is very small to click on specific teams in that conference or overall. A "Whats Hot Now" at the start up of the app with what channel to find the event on, would be very nice as well, that way the user can quickly find that event to watch on the app or where to watch or to simply get scores of quicker. Fantasy Sports are hugely popular and for ESPN to not bundle the Fantasy Sports app into the ESPN app is somewhat of a letdown. Lastly, just having simple access to other Apps that could be hyperlinked inside the ESPN app would simplify the process... For Example: when looking at details of a specific sporting event, ESPN shows the weather prediction, stadium location... but having a hyperlink with Apple Maps would allow the user to click on the location of stadium to get directions immediately... this same concept could easily be done throughout the app with weather as well, so the user could see detailed weather information when clicking on weather... ESPN is the master of very strange statistics and facts when watching on tv, but the app doesnt have fun facts or anything interesting when looking at a specific team versus another specific team with any kind of pertinent information... like head to head past 5,10, etc. years and points scored last time the two teams met up, and so on. I NEVER WRITE REVIEWS ON APPS, so I hope this review actually gets read by ESPN and Is considered while updating the app in future!


I cant play the videos of NBA scores, on this app and on the website...

ESPN the App

Excellent job done. It gives me scores, news, and I can watch games anytime. Very well done. Highly recommended. John


I use it everyday, you dont need any other sports app!

ESPN is a supah guud app.


Notification alert tone

The app is fine but the most recent update changed the alert tone. Now I dont know that Im getting a sports update. I think Im getting a CNN breaking news alert or a snapchat or something. Bring back the famous ESPN tone!


GREATEST SPORTS APP!!! That simple!!! Alex

The Murf

Simply a great app.

Cant get enough sports

Love the app!!

Pretty Great!

I like how seamless the game watching is on this app. Great job of integration! 4/5 stars gives you room to grow. Keep up the good work!

Works sometimes

Does what its supposed to except server gets backed up during games and dont stream smoothly

Missing Depth

Not that good

Espn never disappoints

Espn is next to Bleacher Report for the go-to sports app, if not better.

Its SportsCenter!

How can it not be awesome!

Almost perfect.

This would be my one and only sports app if it had a dark mode, and you could make game picks like in the yahoo sports app. Please ESPN, add these small features and itll be over.

My Go-To Sports App

Convenient and quick, with great details if I want them. My go-to score and sports app.

Great app

Lots of sports when you want them.

Review ESPN

The ESPN app is great, convenient and informative!! I love that you can watch football games live!!!

Horrible on the Apple Watch!

Decent phone app but the Apple Watch app is unusable. Constantly asking me to sign in on the phone (which is currently signed in and stays signed in). Just downloaded Bleacher Report and am hoping for a better experience.

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